Why an Oklahoma Wine Industry was Inevitable

I get a great deal of email from people expressing their joy at watching our local wine industry grow and a nearly equal amount from folks that are surprised that Oklahoma has any wine industry at all. It is no surprise to me. Oklahoma offers a population rich with the most advanced agricultural knowledge. Rich with fertile land and families with dreams of working at something they love...somewhere they know... for something they believe in. Really, it was inevitable. I've added the full list of active Oklahoma wineries, as I know them, to the left hand link list. Visit a few this weekend!

"First of all, people can no longer (if they ever could) separate out their work and their 'life.' Work is such a central part of who we are -- and consumes so much of our energy, spirit, time -- that it IS our life. But so are entertainment and family and sleep and anything else we can factor in. Simply put, it's all just our life, and things ebb and flow with importance through the course of the day."

Whatever business you may be in, check out: Worthwhile. In a polluted world where chairs are considered assets and people merely expenses... the new blog, Worthwhile, is a sweet breath of fresh air. NPR web guru David Weinberger even writes for them...not to be missed.

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