Sparks Vineyard White Zinfandel

This week the nice folks at Sparks Vineyard & Winery were kind enough to bless my wife and I with bottle of their White Zinfandel. Now my wife's low carb diet obsession means she won't drink any wine that isn't dryer than Sahara dust bunnies. However, I thought the combination of sweetness and tartness was wonderful. Another wonderful Oklahoma wine! We are truly blessed to live in state with such gifted basketball players and winemakers. Wine snobs may scoff, but the market numbers say I'm not alone in liking an occasional White Zin.

Stop by and see them sometime at Sparks. Their tasting room boasts of a fine art gallery with on-going exhibitions and sales of original art work by renowned Oklahoma artists. Sparks Vineyard 5 miles east of Sparks Oklahoma .

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