Oklahoma Grape Resources and Wine Production Act Battle

Why would ANY Oklahoman oppose HB2219?

The Vinita and Shawnee Chambers of Commerce endorse and wrote letters supporting Oklahoma agri-tourism and the passage of HB2219. Rural Oklahoma communities have witnessed an economic awakening in their areas when grape vineyards and wineries are established. Sales taxes are up markedly in their towns and there are new jobs created in vineyard and retail operations. There are more than 300 acres of vines planted, and some 20 commercial wineries across Oklahoma.

Baby boomers, residing in or returning to Oklahoma for second careers in the grape and wine industry, are inheriting original family homesteads dating to Statehood and diversifying operations into grape vineyards. They love Oklahoma and want to create a positive enduring industry in their birthplaces and preserve the cultural heritage of the state.

Full Article- Letter to Urban Tulsa Editor from Rinda and James Skaggs

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