Oklahoma Wineries Pitch In for St. Joseph's in Norman

Five Oklahoma Wineries Pitch In for St. Joseph's in Norman.

Tonight was the 2nd Annual Norman Wine Festival. Nuyaka Creek was pouring wine, selling wine and giving away loads of brochures and biz cards.

We sold every bottle of Peach Chardonnay we brought with us, got the chance to help out St. Joseph's and meet some of the nicest folks you would ever want to enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner and wine tasting with.

We poured our:

Elderberry Dry, - The healthiest wine you will ever get a chance to drink.

Oklahoma Merlot - a tart wine with a refreshingly light body for a merlot.

Oklahoma Chardonnay - a dry but fruity Chard.

Peach Mist - Made from fresh peaches and Chardonnay grapes, this sells out everywhere we take it.

There were Five Oklahoma wineries there: Natura, Tres Suenos, Plainview, Canadian and Nuyaka Creek. Turnout was higher than expected and they ran out of commemorative wine glasses at the end.

In my opinion, the event went wonderfully, although I wish a could have snuck home with a couple of those tiny cheescake bites!

Okie Wineries

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